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Up to 70% Cost Reduction in Google Ads Accounts

Understanding Search Engine Optimization and Visibility

Currently, many businesses face significant challenges. In many sectors, competitors' Google Ads advertisements already occupy the top four spots in search engine results.

It's crucial to be part of this. High competition and the continuous development of Google Ads towards AI and automation now make a significant difference in which companies generate qualified inquiries at a cost-effective price. This is where I can assist you!

Many Online Presences are Not Harmonized

I wouldn't claim to have completely deciphered the secret of success in Google Ads, as it doesn't exist in that form. However, I have helped various businesses in Berlin, Dusseldorf, and Nuremberg achieve higher revenues through clever Google Ads strategies, while also saving budget. And in this process, I observed a pattern:

Many Google Ads accounts and websites were a mishmash of work from different agencies, implementation of Google Ads recommendations, lacking usability, and conversion rate optimization. This led to less than satisfactory results. Many businesses thus struggle with Google Ads campaigns that are far too costly.

Applying Advertising Psychology

In my optimization, I use various tools from online marketing and advertising psychology. First, I try to understand your product/service and the needs of the prospects and customers. Then, I review the structure of your website, the messaging on the landing pages, and the conversion funnel. Sometimes, minor changes in website layout (mobile first), visual design, messaging style, and the colors of the call-to-action buttons are enough to significantly improve conversion rates.

Google Ads Account Optimization

Next, I thoroughly examine your Google Ads account. By identifying attractive keywords and excluding negative search terms that only cost clicks but do not generate sales, many Google Ads campaigns can be made more efficient quickly. I also check whether conversion tracking is working flawlessly and set it up in your account if necessary. Consider this as a Quick Fix.

Then, we move on to fundamental Google Ads optimization. Through the selection of the right keyword strategy, adjusting ad texts to increase click-through rates (CTRs), and setting the ideal bidding strategy, we find the best path for your company's advertising campaigns. Some optimizations need data and time, which is why I set up targeted monitoring for you and highlight the key metrics you need to focus on.

Why did I found Leadsleader?

I want to pass my expertise to you and help position your business online so you are well-prepared for the future.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my co-founder Christian Hollmann. In the last 15 years, I have not met anyone who understands search engine optimization as well as he does and is just an all-rounder in Digital Marketing. I am thrilled that we are both embarking on this journey with Leadsleader to share our knowledge and help businesses gain more visibility and cost-effective inquiries.

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Newest SEO Statistics 2024

Traffic from organic search: 53,3%

Clicks on position 1 in Google: 27,7%

Customer Contacts Increase by SEO: 67%

Source: Highervisibility

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