Page Speed can determine the loading speed of your website

The digital world has evolved rapidly, making User Experience (UX) a critical factor for website success. A key component affecting UX and significantly influencing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the speed of a website, or "Page Speed".

This article explores the importance of Page Speed for SEO and explains why loading speed is crucial for website success.

What is meant by Page Speed?

Page Speed refers to the load time of a website, or the time it takes for all the content on a web page to be fully visible to the user. Page Speed measures speed on both desktop and mobile devices, with mobile loading speed being a significant ranking factor for Google.

How can I measure the Page Speed of a website?

Page Speed can be determined using various tools, with Google's PageSpeed Insights being a popular and reliable program.

This free tool by Google analyzes load times for both desktop and mobile devices, offering detailed optimization recommendations. Google PageSpeed Insights is easy to use:

  • Simply search for "PageSpeed Insights". Google Chrome users can also find the performance test in the developer tools under Lighthouse.
  • Enter the website URL into the field and click "Analyze".
  • Google PageSpeed Insights performs a comprehensive review of the webpage and rates the Page Speed on a scale from 0 to 100 points.
  • Along with the rating, recommendations and optimization suggestions are displayed, which can improve not only the load time of the website but also its accessibility.

What are the effects of a fast Page Speed?

Google updates its ranking factors with Google Core Updates, aiming to present users with high-quality, useful search results. Due to increased mobile device use, Google has long characterized mobile loading speed as an important ranking factor.

1. Fast Page Speed Improves User Experience (UX)

Webpage speed directly impacts user experience. Studies have shown that visitors leave a site more quickly if it has long load times. Conversely, fast load times enhance user engagement, increase time on site, and improve the likelihood of conversions.

2. SEO Rankings Improve

Search engines like Google have clarified that Page Speed is a crucial factor for website ranking in search results. Pages with fast load times are rewarded with higher placement, leading to more organic visitors.

3. Importance of the Mobile-First Index

With a growing share of mobile users, fast mobile load times are crucial. Google introduced the "Mobile-First Index", where a website's mobile version is considered the main version for search results. Slow-loading mobile sites can be penalized in rankings.

4. Conversion Rate Improves

Conversion optimization is closely tied to speed. High Page Speed has been shown to improve the conversion rate, the ratio of conversions relative to click rate. Visitors are more likely to add a product to their cart or fill out a contact form if the site loads instantly.

How can I improve Page Speed?

Several measures can optimize Page Speed:
  • Image compression: Compress the file size of images without significantly compromising quality. The webp format is ideal for this.
  • Use browser caching to store frequently visited pages and resources, preventing the need for reloading.
  • Compress CSS, JavaScript, and HTML files to reduce transmission time.
  • Streamline code: Remove unnecessary spaces, comments, and line breaks in HTML files to minimize their size.

A high Page Speed score pays off

Page Speed has been a signal for SEO since 2010. Following a Google update in 2018, website loading speed became an important ranking factor for mobile search results and for improving the Quality Factor in Google Ads.

Page Speed optimization is now an essential part of good SEO. Fast, accessible, and user-friendly websites are not only rewarded in visibility but can also expect positive effects on user engagement and conversion rate.

Source: Search Engine Journal, 10/08/2023, Page Speed As A Google Ranking Factor: What You Need To Know

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